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Sandalwood is known as Santalum. The Ancient Sanskrit word for the wood is CHANDANA. This is a high priced wood and has a pleasant fragrance. This wood has good oil content. Sandalwood and the oil which is extracted has made its routes to different parts of the world for its great medicinal value.

Sandalwood is a controlled wood and it is the Government (Respective State Governments under Ministry of Forests) which has the appellate authority to cut / sell / issue for any purpose. This tradition of control has been coming down from the era of the Sultans (which dates back to 1800A.D.), who during their regime termed Sandalwood as “ ROYAL“ so as to maintain its preciousness. This wood is considered Sacred by different societies. The wood so issued by the Government is used to make figurines or artwork by artists who attain their skills by the generations.


Rosewood is characteristically dark and highly grained wood. The grains run differently in different logs of wood when cut. An Artist draws an imagination and shows that the grain is in some form (i.e., like a man / woman’s face, waterfall, etc..). Rosewood ranges in color from rich red to dark brown. The wood is heavy and fibrous. This wood is priced historically as they have a close, dense grain which makes them extremely strong and durable.

Inlay Work on Rosewood is done with various depictions laid inside the wood to make the Subject. The depictions so Inlaid is made by cutting different pieces of Natural colour wood and then assembled like a puzzle. The work of Inlay is quite famous in Mysore and has been done from the time of the Maharajas of Mysore. The Mysore Palace has some work of Inlay in its Doors.


This wood is a substitute for Sandalwood Carvings. As Sandalwood is not got in abundance and the high price of the wood, Artifacts are made in Shivani Wood. This wood does not have any fragrance as that of Sandalwood nor does it have any medicinal value. The color of the wood is slightly close to sandalwood thus making it a perfect substitute


This is an art form in which we use different Natural Colour wood. The wood shall be cut individually to the desired size / shapes and assembled to form a subject. There is no touch of colour in this art form as we take only the natural colour wood, but every other piece shall not be exactly the same as we are dependent on Mother Nature. So this is one of the unique art form done only in Mysore and no other place in the world. Portraits / Landscapes / Sceneries / Wild life / Animal depictions and also customized artwork can also be made.


Teakwood Doors depicting Gods, Floral and other designs.

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